Kyle David Bennett is assistant professor of philosophy at Caldwell University and program director of the Spirituality and Leadership Institute. 

Kyle's academic background is in public philosophy and French phenomenology. Now a public intellectual and cultural critic, Kyle is writing and speaking on pressing issues at the intersection of church, society, and politics. 

Kyle has written for journals and magazines such as Christianity Today, Comment, Public Justice Review, and Curator. Kyle's first book Practices of Love: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life of the World released in August, 2017 (#practicesoflove). His next book looks at gestures and expressions in North American discourse. It's tentatively titled "Godly Gestures: Moving Our Bodies to the Rhythm of the Kingdom." 

Kyle and his wife, Andrea, have three children: Elliott, Miles, and Calvin.  Before settling down in upstate New Jersey, they lived in Orlando, Los Angeles, and the New York metro area.